Glamorgan Folk Tales for Children

Cath Little Sat 21 Oct, 12:15pm - 1:15pm Wellfield Bookshop, 16 Wellfield Road, CF24 3PB Disability Access: Yes Family Friendly: Yes How do you get rid of a bothersome giant? Have you got a secret like Effie? And what would you do with an invisibility seed? Some of these stories from Glamorgan are strange and sad, some are a bit scary and some are a bit mad. Our ancestors first told them long ago, and people liked them so much they kept them alive and passed them on. These stories of magic and adventure belong to everyone. They are meant to be told, they are meant to be heard. Cardiff Storyteller Cath Little has gathered together an enchanting collection of tales. She shares and retells them in her engaging, captivating style.