Event Map & Event Calendar FAQs

Event Map

We have a new event map online this year, which reads slightly differently to our printed map in the brochure. Unfortunately the type of website map that madeinroath needs is hard to come by pre-made, so we’re making the best of what is available to us. Hopefully our FAQ below can help those who need it.

The numbers in our printed map represent a location number, whereas the numbers on our website map correlate to the number of events in the area/location.

For example, on the website:

The numbers in yellow dots show the amount of events in a larger area.
Click the dot to zoom in on that area.

Blue Dot - MapThe numbers in blue dots show the amount of events in a smaller area.
Click the dot to zoom in on that area.

Orange square - MapThe numbers in orange squares show the amount of events in a specific location.
Click the square to see the event listings for that location.

When you click an event location (orange square):

A pop up will appear showing the number of events, location name and address. It will also list the location events below the map.

Location Number

The location name will look like, “04: Bowling Pavilion”. The number before the venue name is the location number, and this correlates with the listings and brochure.

Event Calendar

Here’s a quick run down on using our calendar filter to find the events you want.  ‘Sort Options’ can be found underneath the Month title on the calendar, it gives you the following choices:

Event Location: This is useful if you’re coming from the brochure and looking for more info on an event or to get google map directions or website links. They are listed in order of location number, which can be found in the top right hand corner of your brochure event listing (the numbers in the coloured dots).

October Festival 2016: This selection is for events running as part of our main festival. For example, by selecting ‘Spoken Word’ you would only be able to view Spoken Word events on the calendar. You could also get more category information by going to the desired category under ‘madeinroath Festival 2016′ on the menu bar above.

Other madeinroath Events: This selection is for any events that we run outside of our week-long October festival.

By selecting any of these options, you will only be able to see events in the location/category that you select.