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Guest Post: Oh What a Studious Summer!

By guest blogger Hannah Pickering.

Hannah was a student at the Cardiff Metropolitan University Widening Access Summer School and was invited to take part in the Widening Access Exhibition at this year’s festival.  We have invited Hannah to write a number of blog posts about her experience at the WA Summer School and the events she took part in and attended during the festival.

Oh What a Studious Summer!

Hannah Pickering - Blog1
Photos of me and my fellow students painting in our ‘Arty Party!’ course

You might say, that a summer can’t be studious, because you’re supposed to be resting, exploring, having fun and getting to know people better. However, since having studied a BA Degree in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, I have been finding it difficult to get work long term, or at all within the Creative Industries and I would like to use my skills as more than just a hobby. So being able to be a part of these Widening Access Summer School courses at Cardiff Metropolitan University, for free, has been a real privilege for me to attend. I would recommend to people from all walks of life, even if you’ve never done any of the subjects properly before, they have a range of courses you can choose from.

I attended the ‘Arty Party!’ course, which was about helping us learn how to put paint brush to canvas, with acrylic artwork, tools and skills. This was a two day course. My Photos above, are of these classes, the bottom photos are of me Painting the ‘It’s A Starry Night,’ work by Vincent Van Gogh. As it is an all-time favorite of mine and I have been longing to paint it for a while. This took me most of the first day to complete. Then I completed the finishing touches the second day. We were given a collection of artworks to choose from, this is what I chose.

Attending the Summer School art courses is as much a good chance to build up your creative portfolio, and maybe to learn a new skill, as it is to socialise and make new friends. It’s fun to meet others who have a similar interest in this field, yet possibly have different points of view on it all, use different artistic mediums, and have different skills and knowledge to share.

Here is some of my work:

Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘A Starry Night’
Hannah Pickering - Blog2
Pencil Sketch | Painting in Progress | The Final Painting
My first attempt at painting my Nanna’s portrait

This is the work I completed on the course, I am now working on a new version of this painting.

Hannah Pickering - blog3
Pencil Sketch | Sketch with Picture Reference | The Final Painting

The other class I attended was How to Construct your Art & Design Portfolio’, which was run jointly with madeinroath and the Summer School. It was really cool to be able to see how we each presented our ideas to the world. We learnt about new ways to help present your artwork in a way that can help you sell or bring new interest to your work, for other people and companies. I didn’t produce anything in this, but I gained some new insight into how to do as I have said above.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and will hopefully be going back next year. I would recommend them to anyone from ages 16 plus, whether you have done a degree or not and if you are looking for work or not.

Also, who would have thought that it would lead me to have my very first piece of artwork in an exhibition? Which is my very first painting in my series of ‘Places in Cardiff and to be able to take part in the madeinroath Festival 2017. It was totally unexpected!

So thanks to madeinroath for giving me the opportunity to gain experience by exhibiting my artwork, writing for their blog and contribute to the festival’s social media documentation. Also, huge appreciative thanks to Cardiff Metropolitan University for the opportunity to do free art courses at the Widening Access Summer School.

Guest Post: Ekphrastic Challenge Poetry Competition Winner

The judges have deliberated, and the winner of Made in Roath’s Ekphrastic Challenge Poetry Competition has been chosen. Congratulations go to Jill Berrett for her poem ‘A Semi-detached Corner’ which was inspired by a painting entitled ‘No Place Like Roath’ by Robert Vokes (displayed in the Made in Roath Open exhibition).

A Semi-detached Corner

Here in my autumn years I visit this cul de sac of semi’s,
searching for you beside the sashes of the upstairs bay.
Are you hiding, or lying on the narrow bed, dreaming of sea
colours, teal and turquoise, uneven patterns with wavy lines?

Or are you curled up downstairs enfolded by the winged armchair
reading Kollontai’s Love of Worker Bees? Can you see out
to the bare tree, no birds singing, no leaves fallen on to the
empty pavement, neither people nor animals pass you by.

Neatness is everything in this quiet corner, nothing allowed
to grow out of shape, even the greenery can have no
individuality. Although what would your mother have said to
next door’s privet, leaning, as though in need of company?

Low brickwork walls still keep boundaries, held upright
by determination more than mortar, perfectly capped,
as I prepare to release my storm. I travelled a long way west
to capture it, carried it inside myself across oceans,

gathering along the way all that was caught in its draught. I lean
back, my face to the sky, my mouth issues a long cry and my
bloated body releases its hurricane. Windows shake, trees
shudder in anticipation, branches shake with delight, bushes

bow and sigh. In its wake fly painted ladies, silver striped moths,
seeds drop, swallows swoop, warblers and wagtails pause in their
migration, a new colonisation begins. Sashes give way and walls crumble.
I shout  ‘Run’, the door flies open, and I go forward to catch you.

houses - Copy
The judges only had a few hours in which to make their decision. This is what they said…

“The imagery is visceral, dreamlike yet realistic. The poem almost acts as a juxtaposition to the image itself but because of the quality of the descriptions and adjectives employed, the poem fits perfectly. I feel that it would be a great poem for an anthology on the seasons but it stands alone well, too. A strong aspect of the poem is how it also can compare to today's climate of violence and aggression in certain news stories when the writer has written about elements of the weather.”

(from Rhys Milsom)

“I find the pace to be perfect, the subject matter well considered, the imagery both interesting and original. I love the image of the privet, for example, “leaning, as though in need of company”. I love, too, the balance between loss and lusciousness in this poem - the ‘I’ of the piece is missing someone, yet still the scene is full of flora and fauna, the elements as well as burgeoning new life. The beauty and fragility of life is captured beautifully in a piece that is precise and poignant in its rendering. A very worthy winner indeed.”

(from Mab Jones)

A Single Tree: a Christmas tale gone wrong

We have asked Made in Roath friend and regular to the festival Olga Gimenez Traver to review a performance she attended.  She very kindly reviewed "A Single Tree: A Christmas Tale Gone Wrong".


 It was very nice show.

We sat in chairs at the beginning of the show as the actors decorated us with Christmas decorations.
A guy asked us if we wanted turkey, chicken or beef (those traditional Christmas meals).
The story is about a couple celebrating their first year of living together. They decide to invite people who would otherwise be on their own to celebrate with them. They were joined at their Christmas meal by their sisters, the man's ex girlfriend and a male friend of the woman. 
During the course of the celebration they play traditional party games like charades and freeze but in a different way.
These are stereotypical characters, very funny and very well presented.
I was most impressed by the fact that even though all the actors were often in the same scene while two were talking the others managed the difficult trick of remaining quiet but still adding to the scene with their actions without distracting from the dialogue.  
I don't want to spoilt the end but it is well worth seeing to find out how it's finishes.
"A Single Tree: a Christmas tale gone wrong" was created and performed by the Hoovering Flour Theatre Company.  Their dark comedy was seen at Nofitstate on Sunday the 15th October.

By My Side, Come Rain or Shine

The wind blew gently through the park. Recently fallen autumn leaves, crisp, crumpled and yellowing on the floor found themselves scattered far from their original tree as they began their journeys of flight around Roath.

Also scattered around Roath Park on that bright Sunday were people busying themselves with their daily activities. Kids were playing football in one corner, a guy practised his golf swing in another. Dog walkers and runners proceeded on their endless laps of the parkland. There was no sense of the urgency that normally haunts a day in the city.

 Then from one street a flag is seen to approach. It blows gently in the wind. Inviting looks of curiosity and wonder as it crosses the park. The flag stops. It is red in colour. The pole it is attached to carried determinedly by a person. This person see’s the light change as the flag swims in the sun. They can see the ever growing shadow, stretching out from their flag across the green grass of the park.


 The flag stand alone. But not for long. Soon more flags approach the park. Coming from different directions they all head towards the original red flag. The flags of Roath have been summoned. Now they gather to flutter and fly in the air of Roath. Their time has come.

5R3A8495 5R3A8498 5R3A8456

   What am I talking about? Well, it’s very simple. I am merely describing the situation on Sunday the 15th of October as the flags from the Made in Roath project “By my side, come rain or shine” gathered for a walk through the streets.

  The flags are part of a project MiR has been running with artists Pip Tudor and James Cocks. Together they have been working with different community groups over the last few months to create these brightly coloured wonders. They also made a collection of postcards which can currently be seen on the railings of the Macintosh sport centre.

 Back in the park and soon people began to gather, representatives from each community group proudly claiming their banner. The groups coming together were from the wide ranging communities of Roath and wider. They were the Trinity Centre, TAVS, Journeys, Vision Twenty One, Tradgerville Primary, Roath Park Primary, Albany Primary, Cardiff High, St Teilo's C/W High school and The Trebanog Project.

5R3A8522 5R3A8540

When all were assembled drums and shakers started to sing an unknown tune and we began to march. Drawing looks and questions from passers by at this unusual sight. The flags reaching high above the walking procession, a procession of a community coming together under the flag of creativity. The untamed tune playing out drowning the noise of passing traffic.

  The walk took us through the streets of Roath on a winding path. We halted at cultural stopping off points along the way. At one point we stopped at the wall of Juno Lounge to see Paddy Faulkner "Passchendaele" on the outside wall. The work marks the anniversary of the battle with the text of little known war poet Alfred Noyes and combines a digital image. Paddy spoke with great passion and elegance about the meaning of the work and inspiration behind it. I myself found my thoughts dwelling on that terrible conflict and the advancement of 100 years of time. 

5R3A8556 5R3A8560

Later we moved off down the street to enjoy more spoken word, music and other delights. We also halted at the Mackintosh Community Garden for a brief tea stop before moving on to Inkspot.


 As we entered the grand old church we discovered a long table set before us, food was served and we sat and ate, chatting about the day and ourselves. As we spoke the flags from the walk proudly fluttered above us.


Morning of Day one

Sunday the 15th of October 2017 was a Sunday as normal as any other to countless many. In fact I am sure that Sunday the 15th of October 2017 will go by unnoticed and mostly unremarked upon by the majority of planet Earth’s citizens.

The citizens of Roath and Cardiff on the other hand may remember it differently. Because Sunday the 15th of October saw the start of Made in Roath 2017. The week long community arts festival which has over 200 different events, exhibitions and happenings occurring all crammed into seven'ish days. Sunday saw the start of many of these things. The day was thankfully bright and clear, the perfect October Sunday with crunchy leaves under foot.

There is art all around Roath, the festival map is packed with stuff almost on every street. On the first day I found myself wandering into the Roath Park greenhouse to see Philippa Brown’s “a curious nature” installation. Her installation, a colourful object interacting and floating on the warm water as its exotic surroundings carry on their days around it. The object was at home but still out of place, like an unknown intruder from a foreign world nestling in a far flung jungle.

Phi Brown 2017

I proceed through the park, happening upon artist Cerys Thomas-Ford collecting stories and thoughts with her “Not from around here (journeys)” project. She was spending the first two days of the festival collecting tales about the area. Being a newcomer to Roath from the far flung land of “Swansea” (See Google earth). Cerys was inviting people to share with her their favourite stories about the area, she plans to write these up and turn them into an exhibition which will be seen on Ninian Road from Friday to Sunday (11am-5pm). 
 We shared a coffee and a brief walk around the park chatting about the interactions she’d had that day. Stopping at the white park bridge we attempted a game of pooh sticks.

Cerys Thomas 2017

Later on in the day I found myself outside Punk Bikes looking at photographer Mehdi Razi's work. “Cardiff in Detail” is a collection of photographs from around Cardiff. Mehdi had spent weeks walking the streets of Cardiff using his phone to photograph points of the city he found interesting. This has made for an interesting and thought provoking display showcasing another person’s view of our favourite Welsh capital city.


But this was just the start, just three events in the jam packed calendar.

Guest Post: From Art to Art…

IMG_5107 - CopyIf you like art then you’ll probably be the sort of person who likes asking questions and exploring ideas… and the best way to do that is to respond with your very own piece of art!

I took part in the community walk ‘By My Side Come Rain Or Shine’ on Sunday, and it was a fantastic introduction to Made in Roath (glorious sunshine too!) as well as a perfect example of turning art into art. Our first stop was the Passchendaele poem, up on the wall of Juno lounge (no.38). The new dark red wall provided a striking backdrop for this eerie apocalyptic postcard design which features an extract from a chilling poem by Alfred Noyes, written in 1916.

As we stood there, with cars rushing past on Wellfield Road, we were absorbed into an oasis of silence, listening to the artist Paddy Faulkner recite a poem which someone wrote just a few days ago, in response to looking at this very image – a poem from a postcard of a poem… from one piece of art to another…

And now it’s your turn…

Take a look at the artwork on display during Made in Roath, and find something interesting, something that makes you wonder, makes you think… then write a poem in response. It doesn’t have to be long, or complicated. It doesn’t even have to look like you expect a poem to look (this is Made in Roath after all). Just write it down, and then send it (along with a photo of the artwork that inspired you) to by 5pm on Friday, and you’ll be entered into the Ekphrastic Challenge Poetry Competition. Go on… give it a go!IMG_5098

The prizes include:

  • Online publication right here on the Made in Roath blog
  • A £15 book token
  • An impressive book on world art
  • The chance to have your work displayed at ‘Three Doors Up’ art space in Queens Arcade

“Only our silence, in the night, shall grow
more silent, as the stars grow in the sky;”

(An extract from the poem by Alfred Noyes)

The 2nd image in this post shows art from no.73 'A Curious Nature' by Philippa Brown.

The day before Made in Roath 2017

Its just one more day to go before Made in Roath 2017 begins. (Altho technically we have the Open exhibition starting in a few hours in the Gate followed by the Wonderful Wonderbrass giving a special 25 birthday performance so you could say it actually starts tonight). But with over 100 events, activities, happens, exhibitions and general things going on, all packed into the seven days of Made in Roath I hope you can excuse us for sneaking one or two events in early.


Im pretty excited about this years festival, we have some amazing events coming up. We of course have a hole host of exhibitions and happens which are far too numerous for me to name but all of them are fantastic in their own right.

I’ve been trying to work out a way to describe Made in Roath and the only thing I can think of is a Solar System. A Solar System is made up of a collection of stars. Each star burning brightly and unique to the planets which orbit her. But put them together and that star forms a cluster which in turn spirals round to create a Solar System that from a distance is this incredibly beautiful mass of colour and light while if you zoom in you discover individual stars burning brightly. Thats how I like to think of the festival, that together its this fantastic mass of creativity but zoom in and you discover individual events which stand alone in their brilliance and if they happened alone would be no less great but because they are happening within the festival they all contribute into creating this amazingly bright week of art and culture which is Made in Roath. Whats even better is it’s all free. Every event and happening for Made in Roath can be enjoyed for free.

Which is pretty darn ninja really.

There is of course a few events which I really should mention. Tonight we see the Made in Roath Open - the free to submit open exhibition which anyone can enter. Beginning in The Gate art centre at 6pm, following by Wonderbrass (Cardiff’s brasses brass band) celebrating their 25th birthday.

Then tomorrow, Sunday the 15th we have LOADS of events and exhibitions starting all over Roath but I really should mention “By My Side, Come Rain Or Shine” a special walk we’ll be holding through the streets of Roath from the Roath Rec (the sporty bit of the park) to the Inkspot art space. The CREATE team have been working away over the last few months with community groups in and around Roath to create a series of postcards and flags. All inspired by the communities of Roath. As we walk we’ll have a series of cultural stopping off points along the way before we end at Inkspot art space for the opening night amazement's. A musical party “Congregation”, organised by Ziggy our generally amazing music and very talented person. Congregation is the opening party to the festival and will captivate you with sounds and visual delights.

bymyside-James Cocks

Then we have the full week of everything under the sun going on. But Im going to skip forward to Friday to introduce a new exhibition space for us. The Old Laundry which you can discover on Braeval Street. The Old Laundry has a number of exhibitions and events from Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd. Including a special event on Friday night, We have a group display of artists exhibiting in the space.

Then Saturday, the busiest day of Made in Roath, we have over 121 events taking place on this day. Including “Longer Tables” our street party. Head down to Plasnewydd Road to discover where its all happening.

This weekend also sees lots of the fantastic Open Houses and exhibitions taking place. These are great and allow you to wonder around enjoying the delights of Roath in peoples homes and gardens.

Then in the evening we have Roathbud and the RedBalloon movie showings in the Gate.

We end on Sunday for another busy day. Rhôd in Roath are still going with guided tours at 2pm also our very own Paint the park is happening in Roath park with lots of actives and events taking place in and around the Bowling green hut.

Thats a very, very brief overlay of everything we have going on. For all the details do consult your festival brochures or the Made in Roath website.

As always thanks for reading and see you in Roath.



What is Happenings I hear you ask? Happenings is the name we have for all the works, performances, exhibitions and projects which have specially commissioned for Made in Roath. 

It’s the most devise and wide ranging aspect of the festival encompassing everything from stage plays and interventions on the street to indoor picnic’s (weather permitting of course “hehe”) and the carving of a massive Welsh love spoon.

Happenings will also see a full moon space project, story telling and much, much more.

 Happenings has always been one of the most interesting aspects of the festival. If you’re wandering around Roath and you see something that you’re not sure of then there’s a good chance it falls into Happens category of the festival.

This year coordinator is the fabulous Clare Charles who has really done an epic job of bring together a wide ranging bundle of events. We have stuff ranging from a CatZebra by artist Richard Higlet on the 21st and 22nd of October at the Park end of Kelvin Road (this encourages all cats and their owners to come along and test some specially built cat crossings) to Read to Me by artist John Rowley which takes place on the 21st of October on Treharris Street. At this fascinating event John invites you to simply bring along any piece of literature for a private reading session lasting 20 minutes (people must sign up in advance by emailing

There is also the epic In Honour of the Moon curated by Catherine Angle happening on Thursday the 19th of October at 8pm in Ysordi. This happening is an intimate dinner reception to celebrate Earth’s largest natural satellite, its folkloric traditions, it’s historical importance and the role in the universe. It promises to be an amazing night blending together science, magic and music. Again capacity is limited so please email if you are interested.

To be honest there is so much happening in Happenings that I promise you will find something for everyone here. The full listing of events is below but for a colourful option just consult the website.

PASSCHENDAELE (All Day) 38: Juno Lounge, 13 OCT - 22

OFFERING (All Day) 46: Saint Edwards Church, 13 OCT - 22

PUNCTURED BICYCLE, ON A HILLSIDE DESOLATE 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 02: I Want to Ride My Bike - 15 Oct

A CURIOUS NATURE 10:30 am - 3:00 pm (22) 73: Roath Park Conservatory, 15 OCT - 22

NOT FROM AROUND HERE (JOURNEYS) 10:30 am - 4:00 pm (16) 68: 91 Ninian Road, 15 OCT - 16

INDOOR PICNIC 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm 43: The Gate Arts Centre, 15 OCT 
‘THE LAST STRAW’ TREASURE HUNT AND QUIZ **DATE CHANGE** CLIVE WARD 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm 39: Waterloo Gardens Post Office, 15 OCT

BY MY SIDE, COME RAIN OR SHINE 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm 51: Penylan Library and Community Centre, 15 OCT 
TEA ENCOUNTER TESSA WAITE 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm 08: Plasnewydd Community Garden, 15 OCT

A LONG TABLE OF CURIOSITIES: ANATOMICAL DRAWINGS AND SCULPTURES 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (22) 09: The Broadway Drawing School, 16 OCT - 22

CARDIFF PHILOSOPHY CAFE - WHAT IS COMMUNITY? 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm 17: The Gate Arts Centre, 17 OCT

PORTRAITS WITH WET PLATE COLLODION TINTYPE PHOTOGRAPHY 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm (20) 34: The Old Laundry, 19 OCT - 20


NOT FROM AROUND HERE (JOURNEYS) 11:00 am - 5:00 pm (22) 68: 91 Ninian Road, 20 OCT - 22

THE ACTUAL HISTORY MUSEUM PRESENTS ... 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm 34: The Old Laundry, 20 OCT


CATZEBRA 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (22) 65: Park end of Kelvin Road, 21 OCT - 22


SLANT OF LIGHT 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (22) 61: 32 Kelvin Rd, 21 OCT - 22

RSPB BIG GARDEN BIOBLITZ 10:00 am - 4:30 pm 56: 29 Ninian Road, 21 OCT

COLLIDE-O-VISION - OBSERVATION OF BEAUTIFUL FORMS 11:00 am - 5:00 pm (22) 18: Garage at rear of 45 Princes Street, 21 OCT - 22

FFRWD 11:00 am - 6:00 pm (22) 25: 190 Albany Road, 21 OCT - 22

THE TEA STOP 12:00 pm - 5:30 pm (22) 64: 70 Ninian Road, 21 OCT - 22

ONE HOUR 12:00 pm 75: The Promenade, 21 OCT

READ TO ME 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm 14: 79 Treharris Street, 21 OCT

SYRIAN CHILDREN’S ART 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm (22) 21: St Martins Church in Roath, 21 OCT - 22

THE CHAMPION TREES OF ROATH PARK 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm 73: Roath Park Conservatory, 21 OCT

THE ACTUAL HISTORY MUSEUM OF ROATH 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (22) 57: 14 Werfa Street, 21 OCT - 22

BLAS - STREETFOOD 'MADE IN ROATH' 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm 16: Mackintosh Sports Club, 21 OCT

 8:00 pm 59: Spit and Sawdust, 21 OCT 

JOINING WORDS DINO ROVARETTI 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 70: White bridge, 22 OCT


15 MINUTE PORTRAITS AT ADNAN CONTINENTAL STORE ELLIE YOUNG 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm 35: Adnan Continental Store, 22 OCT


RED OKTOBER JACOB WHITTAKER 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm 07: Punk Bikes, 22 OCT

Once again thanks for reading, see you in Roath.

Digital Arts

Tonight we are looking at the magical aspect of Digital Arts in this years Made in Roath festival.

What is Digital Arts? Well, it’s arts but it’s …. digital. Ok there is a bit more to it than that. Digital Arts is the name we give to the section of the festival involving “moving pictures” or “movies” as some people refer to them (for any of our younger readers a “movie” is like a really long snapchat video). 

Digital Arts is also the smallest part of this years festival with two main events taking place on the same day in the same place, one after another. This generally means two things: 1, Digital Arts is so awesome they can quite easily get away with just doing two events and, 2, this means I get to entertain you with my extensive movie trivia knowledge.

The term “movies” originally didn’t mean films but the people who made them. Generally it was a term of disdain by early Hollywood locals who disliked the “arty invaders”.

The smallest set for an entire action movie in terms of space was for the 1944 Alfred Hitchcock’s film “Lifeboat” which all happened on a small lifeboat.

Sam the piano player in beloved classic Casablanca can’t actually play the piano. Dooley Wilson the actor portraying Sam was hired as a singer and is just pretending to play the piano without touching the keys. But thats enough random movie facts from me back to Made in Roath.

Digital Arts all takes place on Saturday the 21st. It starts with a showing of classic French movie “The Red Balloon”. A magical film suitable for all ages about a boy who discovers a red balloon in Paris which follows him around on adventures. After this showing we have the ever popular “Roathbud”. This is a showing of short films from local makers or films with Roath connections. It is always a popular aspect of the festival. The high standards and uniqueness of the films shown are wonderful and offers something for everyone. I’d really recommend checking it out.

You can find out more about Digital Arts here or read the event listings below. This years Digital Arts has been coordinated by the genius that is Tom Betts.

21 OCT THE RED BALLOON 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm 17: The Gate Arts Centre

21 OCT ROATHBUD 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm 17: The Gate Arts Centre

As always thank you for reading and see you in Roath.


Good evening dear readers, I hope this evening finds you well. Tonight we are looking at the CREATE section of Made in Roath.

What is CREATE you ask? Well, do you remember when in primary school art lessons involved loads of fun stuff like painting, making and generally creating lots of mess? That is basically CREATE. It’s the workshop and making side of the festival. As you can imagine I flipping love CREATE and the work they do. 

 Over the last year CREATE have been running a series of workshops with local schools, charities and community groups doing creative and wonderfully messy crafts. They are one of the most active parts of Made in Roath and are generally going most of the year round.

During the festival week they will be transforming areas of Roath into workshop spaces allowing people to come along and play…. I mean make art work….. But it’s really fun art work (no offence to the not fun art work). CREATE is perfect for families and friends wishing to make.

They have a pretty busy week. Not counting all the workshops they are running CREATE also have some large scale events taking place. The first, on the opening day of the festival (15th Oct) is “By My Side, Come Rain or Shine”. Over the last six months Made in Roath has collaborated with artist James Cocks and community groups in Roath to design and make a series of flags representing the diverse nature of our community. These flags will be walked at the head of a gathering from Roath Park Rec to the Inkspot art space with cultural, music and tea stops along the way.

When we get to Inkspot (a festival hub this year) there will be food and entertainment. Join us to enjoy the opening nights celebration of music, “Congregation”, which is organised by Gareth Ziggy. It promises to be an evening of visual delights and sounds. I’m sure everyone who attended the opening night last year will remember the stunning performance and I certainly expect more of the same this year.

CREATE are also busy at our closed road event “Longer Tables” (21st) running a series of workshops up and down the street, plus on the closing day of the festival (22nd) they will be running the ever amazing “paint the park” event. This incredibly fun and amusing activity sees easels set up in Roath Park for the passing public to embrace their creative side and paint.

The CREATE coordinator is the brilliant Pip Tudor. You can check out all the CREATE events below or consult the website.

DRAMA WORKSHOP FOR 18+, EXPLORING THIS YEAR'S THEME OF 'LONGER TABLES' 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm 17: The Gate Arts Centre - 17 OCT

THE TRINITY CENTRE SEWING AND CRAFT CLUB 10:00 pm - 12:00 pm 04: Trinity Centre/Trinity Methodist Church - 20 OCT


PUBLIC CHESS 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 51: Penylan Library and Community Centre - 21 OCT

AN INTRODUCTION TO FELTING JANINA KUCZYS 10:00 am - 1:00 pm 71: Bowling Pavilion - 21 OCT


DAYDREAMS BY THE ART OF PLAY CAFE 10:30 am - 4:30 pm 51: Penylan Library and Community Centre - 21 OCT

FOOD 4 THOUGHT ~ YOU CAN HELP 11:00 am - 2:00 pm 17: The Gate Arts Centre - 21 OCT


BIG DRAW WORKSHOP 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm 21: St Martins Church in Roath - 21 OCT

PAINT ROATH PARK 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm (22) 57: 14 Werfa Street - 21/22 OCT

FOLDED BOOKS DROP-IN WORKSHOP 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm 46: Saint Edwards Church - 21 OCT

WORKSHOP: DRAWING WITH COLLAGE 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm 71: Bowling Pavilion - 21 OCT

PAINT THE PARK CREATE @ ROATH PARK 11:00 am - 4:00 pm 71: Bowling Pavilion - 22 OCT

SUN PRINTING CREATE @ ROATH PARK 11:00 am - 4:00 pm 71: Bowling Pavilion - 22 OCT

BUTTERFLY EFFECT KERRY WALLACE 11:00 am - 4:00 pm 71: Bowling Pavilion - 22 OCT


POETRY TAKEAWAY LOCAL WRITERS 11:00 am - 4:00 pm 71: Bowling Pavilion - 22 OCT

MASK CARVING WORKSHOP BRIAN DENMAN 11:00 am - 4:00 pm 71: Bowling Pavilion - 22 OCT


Always thanks for reading and see you in Roath.