Community chess

Behind door 4 of the Made in Roath advent we have a short blog post on the amazing world of community chess. This year’s Made in Roath festival saw the popular return of Community Chess outside the Penylan Library. Run by the amazing Jack Nicol, community chess is basically what the words suggests. Games of […]

The Old Laundry

Behind door 3 of the Made in Roath advent we have the Old Laundry. Made in Roath has a proud and exciting history of taking over spaces kindly donated to us for the festival. Last year we used the grand building of the Parade and until recently were installed in Welcome House. This year we […]

Congregation, Made in Roath 2017

Behind day 2 of our recap blog posts of the year we find Congregation. The official launch party of this years festival which took place on Sunday the 15th in the Inkspot art space. Organised by the brilliant and hugely talented Gareth Llewelyn Thomas it was a night of music, light and art. 
 The […]

Open Houes 2017

Happy 1st of December one and all, I excitedly awoke this morning and ran downstairs to open a tiny door with a number 1 written on it. A ritual I’ll perform everyday between now and the 24th of December. I read that the tradition of advent calendars originated in mid-19th century Germany when Protestants made […]

A Single Tree: a Christmas tale gone wrong

We have asked Made in Roath friend and regular to the festival Olga Gimenez Traver to review a performance she attended.  She very kindly reviewed “A Single Tree: A Christmas Tale Gone Wrong”. A SINGLE TREE: A CHRISTMAS TALE GONE WRONG  It was very nice show. We sat in chairs at the beginning of the show as the actors decorated […]

By My Side, Come Rain or Shine

The wind blew gently through the park. Recently fallen autumn leaves, crisp, crumpled and yellowing on the floor found themselves scattered far from their original tree as they began their journeys of flight around Roath. Also scattered around Roath Park on that bright Sunday were people busying themselves with their daily activities. Kids were playing […]

Morning of Day one

Sunday the 15th of October 2017 was a Sunday as normal as any other to countless many. In fact I am sure that Sunday the 15th of October 2017 will go by unnoticed and mostly unremarked upon by the majority of planet Earth’s citizens. The citizens of Roath and Cardiff on the other hand may […]

The day before Made in Roath 2017

Its just one more day to go before Made in Roath 2017 begins. (Altho technically we have the Open exhibition starting in a few hours in the Gate followed by the Wonderful Wonderbrass giving a special 25 birthday performance so you could say it actually starts tonight). But with over 100 events, activities, happens, exhibitions […]


What is Happenings I hear you ask? Happenings is the name we have for all the works, performances, exhibitions and projects which have specially commissioned for Made in Roath. 

It’s the most devise and wide ranging aspect of the festival encompassing everything from stage plays and interventions on the street to indoor picnic’s (weather permitting […]

Digital Arts

Tonight we are looking at the magical aspect of Digital Arts in this years Made in Roath festival. What is Digital Arts? Well, it’s arts but it’s …. digital. Ok there is a bit more to it than that. Digital Arts is the name we give to the section of the festival involving “moving pictures” […]