Lynette Margerison  

Sat 21 – Sun 22 Oct, 12pm – 5pm

The Old Laundry, between 11 – 13 Braeval Street, CF24 4SJ

Disability Access: No
Family Friendly: No

‘It feels as if in your work the mythology comes directly from the earth, the drawings reveal themselves.  What I feel we need to do now is to trust our really deep feelings, give them shape.  At really deep levels our humanity is joined together and really joined to the world.  We have to find our own myths now.   We find them in our experience buried in our bodies, in what we let ourselves see and feel .  Those kinds of things come out of your drawings for me and that is really damned important.   We can’t pretend it’s the gods anymore or the economists or the politicians and we can’t forget who we are, the individual choices we make.  We need to meet each other as people.’

John Whitehead August 2017