1a Artist in Residence Programme

Doreen Barnaville and Dorcas Pennyfather

15 - 26 July 2019

Unfolding Layers of Roath

Doreen Barnaville

Inspired by a collection of 19th century laundered linen, Doreen has been discovering some of the history of homes for fallen women in Roath and Penylan. During the residency, she will explore the layers of history of these homes and laundries and of the women who lived and worked there. Dorcas will be investigating the women and men who occupied the nearby streets, who they were and how they earned their living.

Together they will share  their unfoldings through mixed media, cyanotype, print, stitch and handmade books.

Doreen and Dorcas would like to invite the people of Roath to add to their findings by telling their tales. Please call in to see them.

Opening times will be 11.00 am to 4.00 pm each day except Sunday. On Friday 26th 1A Inverness Place will be open until 8.00 pm when there will be a summary of their findings.

Dorcas Pennyfather