Bid to Save the
Roath Park Pub

December 2021

The Roath Park Pub sits on the corner of City Road and KIncraig St in Roath. It is currently owned by Horizon Properties who were recently granted permission to demolish it with a view to building rental flats in its place.

City Road is the best street in Cardiff (we’re probably a bit biased), but this is despite rather than because of any municipal love and investment in its architectural or cultural heritage. The pub was once a valued and thriving community venue, and we believe it could be again if we can raise the funds to save it, and come up with a way for it to be run which benefits the surrounding community in as broad and inclusive a way as is possible.

The Roath Park Hotel was built in the late 1800s, and was the last of the Victorian hotels or public houses to be erected on City Rd – at one time there were as many as 8 of them, sadly they have now all gone. The building houses three ground floor bar spaces, with two separate entrances, one onto Kincraig and one onto City Road, there are several large rooms and a self contained flat on the first floor and disused hotel rooms on the second. There’s also a small garden.

According to local councillors Dan De’Ath and Peter Wong who have been talking to the owner, there is a chance that Horizon would consider renting the property as a working pub (approximate rental figure £50k per year), or selling it (we don’t have a figure for this), but at the moment they are still planning to demolish it to make way for another multi occupancy new build.

Time is short, but madeinroath is committed to a final attempt to save the property. Very early stage plans, if we’re successful, are to use part of the building as a bar/food and community venue, part of it for local independents to trade from, part of it as a space for artists and creative practitioners to work from, and possibly part of it as accommodation.

What we need : local businesses, business people with a knowledge of finance/building regs and renovation/property law/access to capital/loans

What we don’t need : ideas about what should be done with the building IF it is saved

If you think you can help please send us an email at

Thanks for reading
Clare, Helen and Gail