1a Artist in Residence Programme

19 August


1 September, 2019

Aled Simons


Crappy joke-shop replicas as relics, totems or as a tool for divination. Heirlooms for a make-believe generation. A half-forgotten photograph and a misremembered hymn.

In the 1990s my mother made for me a Hulk Hogan costume to wear to a Cubs fancy dress party. A vest and a pair of y-fronts dyed yellow with a stick on fluffy moustache. She didn’t realise that Hulk wore a bandanna so I had a red speedo swimming cap on my head with “Python Power” written in yellow electrical tape. There are no photographs of me wearing this outfit and I can’t be one hundred percent sure that this ever happened. This is the starting point for my 1a residency.


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