1a Artist in Residence Programme

11 June


13 June, 2020

Cinzia Mutigli

Sweet Tooth

Audio Zine

Sweet tooth is a short series of 3 audio ‘zines focused on the interconnected themes of sugar, the origins of addiction, pattern and altered mind states.

The ‘zines use recordings of Cinzia’s voice, music and other found audio sources that she has collected in recent years.

Made in Roath has commissioned this new piece of work as part of AntiUniversity – listen in during the live stream.

Thu 11th, Fri 12th and Sat 13th, between 18:00 – 19:00.
Live streaming available through Twitch

When I was invited me to make the audio zines I thought about the qualities of, what are usually printed, zines – their short form, their often collaged DIYness and the frequent intention of the maker to share an intense interest. So, those were the starting points for me.

Zine #1 Must’ve Wanted That Sugar (A Matter Of Historical Record).
#1 Zine is mainly about racist structures that supported (and continue to support) the production of sugar and other commodities, utilities and services.

Zine #2 Look at the Wallpaper (In Your Skin).
#2 Zine is about conditioning, patterns, habits, and addictions. And it’s about our attempts to break free from those ingrained patterns.

Zine #3 The Discredited Way of Knowing.
#3 Zine is about the nature of time and how we experience time. It’s about our interest in connecting with something beyond the material world, outside the rational interpretation of our known experience.

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