1a Artist in Residence Programme

12 February


22 February, 2020

Elly Baltus

a small object

Is Art 01-web

Between February 12th and 22nd, 2020 I would like to use the 1a space to concentrate on making small objects. Questions I would like to ask myself are: how large is the impact of a small object and how can I enlarge the impact? How intense can a small object keep a memory of a person, a landscape, a country or an event alive? Does location influence the object and is personal identity connected to it?
To make these small objects can I use different materials and combine them? Do materials add to or tell a story themselves? Can I use smells and can I use photographic images?

Dynasty 1-web

I live in Amsterdam and I was told there is a place near Cardiff where natural alabaster can be found, a perfect material to carve in. In a public workshop I would like to invite people to find out if it is possible to harvest small pieces of alabaster and carve objects from it. Other than being used as jewellery, these small objects can be carried in a pocket or a purse as a token; as a memory.
To keep the object in your pocket and feeling its form with your hands can give anytime and anywhere a personal secret memory.

Venus van Willendorf

What are your personal memories that you like to keep with you?
How can we embody the moment and create it as history?

I hope to end the residency with a talk about the importance of intimacy of small objects in art.


Image, top: ‘Is Art’. Answers, Questions written in alabaster. Made by Elly Baltus
Image, middle: ‘Dynasty’. A personal genealogy of my family.
Image, bottom: The famous ‘Venus of Willendorf’, made 30.000 BC.

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