1a Artist in Residence Programme

25 November


8 December, 2019

Nicolle Schatborn

A Return to the Game; talks, meetings and play.


madeinroath met Nicolle on a British Council funded R&D trip to the Nieu en Meer artist community in Amsterdam where we stayed during the Summer of 2019 via the excellent Art4ArtBnB residency programme set up by Vera Broos (look it up, it’s a great opportunity to visit Nieu en Meer and make new work at the same time).

Nicolle is one of the artists who founded the Nieu en Meer community back in the 1980s, and we’re delighted to welcome her to the 1a space on an exchange trip to Roath.
She studied teaching art and art history, and majored in printmaking in Amsterdam and New York, and co-runs LTJ Design and Productions with artist and furniture maker Rob Hagenouw. Their many projects include a number of environmental related ones. Some are designs made to function, like a local eco-playground, a mobile chicken cage, a cupboard that serves theatrical shows for the elderly and a traveling lobby table for a politician to persuade companies to reduce co2 emission.
They also make guide books for sculpture walks in public spaces, ‘as artists, we inspire, astonish, reflect on and create room for discussion – embellished and metaphorically’.

‘Everyday at 1a I will make a print for myself and would also like to offer workshops in feather pen making and sand drawing somewhere around Roath or at 1a. I would also be interested in having conversations with the ‘maidens’ of Roath about mutual experiences making events and festivals, and the open up studio at 63B2 at Nieu en Meer being a residency space for artists in a similar way to 1a.
I plan to deliver a talk about a project of L.T.J Design and productions; the Kitchen of the Unwanted Animals in front of an audience in particular the production part of it, and would be happy to speak to visitors on an individual basis about the project.
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