1a Artist in Residence Programme

7 January


31 January, 2019

Richard Powell

Working Practice


A time-space for scrutiny, identification, clarity and position. ‘To find a form that accommodates the mess.’

Not new fabrication, but, a making anew of what’s already occurred in making over long times. Material already near completion brought to site for the above purpose.


Working practice:

NREM time, out-of-studio experience.

The value of ‘Quiescent sleep’, the thought filled sleep during which an intermittent intermate time-space occurs, for scrutiny, identification, clarity, position, and when necessary disposal. A condition that fulfils the need ‘To find a form that accommodates the mess.’ (Beckett) Akin to a deep looking used as a corrective to the eye’s hunger for moving on without finding fixity. So, not so much new fabrication, but rather a drawn together and near completion yet which previously failed to be brought to resolution for want of certainty of mind and resolved purpose. It may still well defeat me, it may still well remain nameless, but hey-ho, so be it, it also is a truth.


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