1a Artist in Residence Programme

Shaun James

23 Sept - 12 Oct '18

"Overlap" Exhibition at The Gate Arts Centre
15 Oct, 6:30 – 8:30pm
We’re delighted to welcome artist/printmaker Shaun James to the 1a space in the build up to this year’s festival. Shaun will be working with three artists and exploring ideas around ownership and transformation through collaborative printmaking. 

During his residency, Shaun will be working with James Cocks, Helen Clifford and Hannah Morris, reworking significant work from each artist’s past, and transforming it into new artwork. The resulting work will be shown in the Overlap exhibition at The Gate Arts Centre during the festival.

‘I am interested in seeing the permeability of artists work from external sources and influences, in an attempt to explore where we set our boundaries and what we allow to change within our work.’
Shaun will also be taking over our Instagram @madeinroath during his residency. #madeinroath2018 #Overlap
You can find some of the artists on Instagram as @thingsinthestudio (Shaun James), @jpcocks1 (James Cocks) and @hannahmmorris_ (Hannah Morris)