1a Artist in Residence Programme

3 September


19 September, 2021

Tom Crawford & Sam Hasler


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For the Made in Roath residency Tom Crawford and Sam Hasler are embarking on their second collaborative work. Working with moving image, sound and writing, they are starting with an image of a smoking cigarette and the language of desire.

For this short residency they will explore the city at night and activate it with short fiction. They will record their process and start to knit together the vignettes in short video works.

Tom is a a visual artist working predominantly with painting and moving image. Both his video work and painting practice utilise
methods of abstraction, often in response to the built environment and the politics of urbanism.

Sam is a visual artists who writes. His artworks are often books and short readings but can include images, video, radio broadcasts, walks, events, and performances. He often refers to low budget and low brow culture, particularly when it becomes strange and experimental in form.

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