We have asked Made in Roath friend and regular to the festival Olga Gimenez Traver to review a performance she attended.  She very kindly reviewed “A Single Tree: A Christmas Tale Gone Wrong”.


 It was very nice show.

We sat in chairs at the beginning of the show as the actors decorated us with Christmas decorations.
A guy asked us if we wanted turkey, chicken or beef (those traditional Christmas meals).
The story is about a couple celebrating their first year of living together. They decide to invite people who would otherwise be on their own to celebrate with them.
They were joined at their Christmas meal by their sisters, the man’s ex girlfriend and a male friend of the woman. 

During the course of the celebration they play traditional party games like charades and freeze but in a different way.
These are stereotypical characters, very funny and very well presented.
I was most impressed by the fact that even though all the actors were often in the same scene while two were talking the others managed the difficult trick of remaining quiet but still adding to the scene with their actions without distracting from the dialogue.  
I don’t want to spoilt the end but it is well worth seeing to find out how it’s finishes.
“A Single Tree: a Christmas tale gone wrong” was created and performed by the Hoovering Flour Theatre Company.  Their dark comedy was seen at Nofitstate on Sunday the 15th October.