Behind day 2 of our recap blog posts of the year we find Congregation. The official launch party of this years festival which took place on Sunday the 15th in the Inkspot art space.

Organised by the brilliant and hugely talented Gareth Llewelyn Thomas it was a night of music, light and art. 
 The upstairs hall of Inkspot was transformed into a venue ideal for the expression of harmony through sound. The community banners of Roath from “By my side, come rain or shine” hung from the rafters of the hall as below them, one long table spread out from the stage reaching to the end of the hall. Gathered around the table people spoke, laughed and listened as the musicians began.

Performing that night we had an eclectic mix of music makers, Atomic Supermna, Nevsky Perspective, Saccharyn, Nia Ann and the Irascibles. All performed spectacularly adding their own unique sound to the night.

The atmosphere was warm and good natured as people enjoyed the music, chatted to old friends and made new ones. The audience reflected the wide ranging and diverse congregation of the Made in Roath festival. All sorts of people from all over South Wales and further afield sat breathing in the festival opening. Proving once again that while Made in Roath is based in Roath it attracts people from everywhere.