Howardian Studio 22 & Open Mic

Garden Stage

Who are we?

Howardian Studio 22 provides rehearsal, recording and tuition space for 10-25 year olds that helps them develop their musical skills. 

What will we be doing at Made in Spring?

Our volunteers will be running the garden stage for young musicians and other performers to entertain at the street festival. In line with this year's natural theme, the stage will be completely acoustic this year. Musicians, singers, poets, yodellers - all are welcome!

Those interested in performing as part of the open mic just need to chat to the Studio 22 crew on the day.

What time will we be there?

11am - 4pm

Where can you find us online?




Who are we?

Barracwda are an Afro-Brazilian Percussion group based in Roath injecting the rhythms and colour of carnival into Cardiff and beyond. They have recently returned from performing at Festival No. 6 and will be bringing their energetic mix of Rio samba, jungle, reggae and funk home for Global Home. Barracwda are an open community band and regularly open their doors to new members.

What will we be doing at Made in Spring?

We will be playing to welcome the Red Route walkers when they arrive at the Street Garden.

What time will we be there?

Around 2pm.

Where can you find us online?

Facebook Barracwda | Email 

Blas Roath

Before the Street Garden...

Before your day of gardening, creating and relaxing come join for Blas Roath!

Blas is a Streetfood evening with local venders, local producers and local ingredients bringing tasty food to go. Pizza, Spiced dishes, artisan burgers & hotdogs, grilled cheese, veggie and vegan options. Food vendors announced as the day nears. Local ales on the bar plus a few acoustic guitars and tunes.


Saturday 29th April

What time?

4:30 - 9:30pm


Mackintosh Residents Community Centre, Keppoch St, CF24 3JW

Where can you find us online?

Facebook event here | Blas organised by @rcmamarkets.

Made in Spring

Gardening & Food