I was looking through the web the other day playing the “what happens if I google this” game. After discovering Liechtenstein didn’t give women the right to vote till 1984 (Shocking, I know). I decided to google Made in Roath which I periodically do just to make sure no reality TV company is making a spin of a Made in whatnot style problem set in our Cardiff suburb also called Made in Roath. Which thankfully they haven’t (not because I belittle those kind of TV shows but more because anything else called Made in Roath would make our twitter hashtag very confusing).

I digress, as I googled Made in Roath I discovered we had a twitter account no one knew about.

Its from when Made in Roath first began back in 2009. Long before I got involved and it has only three tweets. One of which simply says “wew” which Im still trying to recall if it stands for anything from the msn shorten text letter messenger days. Like “lol”, “wtf” , “omg” or “ffaf” but try as I might “wew” doesn’t ring any bells.

After some asking it turns out the account was set up in the eagerness and excitement that must of capsulated that first festival weekend. The thrill of possibilities and of doing something new. As we now sit a decade on from that weekend in 2009 I wonder if anyone involved at the time had any idea or thought that Made in Roath would still be going ten years later.

Since October the 16th 2009 Made in Roath has worked with almost a thousand artists, held the festival ten times as well as starting and hosting Made in Spring in May, holding the Red Route walk five times and putting on and working with so many community groups and workshops that no one can actually count. Not to mention a load of other stuff too.

It was a fantastic discovery finding the old account. It turns out no one actually knows the password or email for the account so for now it is forever locked. A permit presence on twitter which I really like. It’s comforting to know it exists and will in all likelihood continue to exist as long as twitter doesn’t do a myspace and destroy itself.

There is of course a possibility that people will get confused seeing it and believe it to be the current twitter account but I think people are hopefully intelligent enough to read the 2009 date and realise that this isn’t the account they are looking for. But it does remind me of a old poem I heard once long ago

“Old shapes of song that do not die Shall haunt the halls of memory”