The last Sunday of this years Made in Roath festival thankfully dawned with a bright sun and a slightly breeze. After the somewhat stormy Saturday it was a relief to find blue skies and walking weather.

As I strolled through Roath park, passing dog walkers and Sunday games of football. I halted at the White Bridge in the Pleasure Gardens to see Dino Rovaretti “Joining Words” exhibition.

“Joining words” is part of a series of happenings on bridges which explores connectivity and place. People are encouraged to intervene on a statement to change and effect the flow by altering the text to form new sentences.

As I approached the bridge I discovered a series of tiles laid out along the right side of the bridge. The words were taken from a social equities speech by Marget Thatcher. People were stopping and reading the tiles and then bending down and taking the words to form new sentences on the other side of the bridge. 

“Neighbours are family”,“there are no boarders”,“individuals are sociality” 

People had recreated the words how they wanted them, dispelling the power of Thatchers speech.