LUMIN x Solstice Radio

24 hour Radio Broadcast
Across the Solstice 9am - 9am BST, 20 - 21 June, 2022

This 24 hour iteration of Local 37 continuously transmits art, labour, activism, social change, dialogue, union organising, and an everyday ambience from another reality.

Featuring: Agnes Essonti @essonti//Beau W Beakhouse @beauwbeakhouse//Blaxtarlines (Hassan Issah) @blaxtarlines//Diego Gutierrez Valladares @ssanisa1//Farah Allibhai @farahallibhai//Fern Thomas @_fernthomas//Harun Morrison @harunishere//Khairani Barokka @mailbykite//Lauren Craig @freshmilkbarbados//Marlo de Lara @marlodewawa//Marva Jackson Lord @ackee123/Mort Drew @morttle//Neufunkaum @neufunkaum//Sadia Pineda Hameed @sadiaph//Sadia Rahman @sadia_who//Shenece Oretha @oooretha//Siegrun Salmanian @bahar0bahr//TAKEAWAY (Kelly Best, Simon Matthew) @herbivorecdf//Umulkhayr Mohamed @ahklmruuy//Volery (Tsering Frykman-Glen Alfred Marasigan) @affine10_volery @tseringfg @alfredmarasigan//

Local 37 is a fictional underground radio station transmitting dialogue and strategies for the artist as worker. It inhabits the intersections of creation, transmission, and anti-colonial and working-class collectivisation. Local 37 is a manifesto for the artist, building ‘a world of mutual cooperation, mutual protection, mutual love.’

For more information about the broadcast please contact Beau and Sadia on or email