Well now, hold on

Well now, hold on / maybe I won’t go to sleep at all /

/ and it’ll be a beautiful white night / or else I’ll collapse / completely…

Well now, hold on… is a 24 hour live online radio broadcast over Summer Solstice in June 2020, programmed and produced collaboratively by artists Freya Dooley and Sam Hasler.

Using the first 24 words (one word for every hour) of Frank O’Hara’s ‘Five Poems’, as our lengthy and meandering title, we compiled a selection of soundscapes, stories, broadcasts, music, readings and conversations to mark the longest day of the year. Each line from the poem acted as a loose theme for each segment, connecting an eclectic mix of sounds and voices.

The broadcast featured new and previously unheard works by Ashley Holmes, Jill McKnight, Rhiannon Lowe, Malachy Harvey, Nicola Singh, Fern Thomas, Tom Cardew and Lauren Clifford-Keane. Some of these pieces are below.

We also played soundworks, mixes and readings contributed by artists Marie Malarie, Joseph Bond, Phoebe Davies, Cinzia Mutigli, Jon Ruddick, Synaptic Island, Antonia Dewhurst, Nia Metcalfe, Karl Price, Ben Ewart- Dean, Jess Akerman, Becca Thomas + Clare Charles, AJ Stockwell and Johana Hartwig and conversations between Nasima Begum and Ogechi Dimeke about the Aurora Collective at Trinity Centre Cardiff, and Ishah Speers and Carol Ivory about Mackintosh Community Gardens… We also shared a selection of 24 word poems contributed from an open call and played recordings of readings by Zadie Smith, Ursula K Leguin, Frank O’Hara, Audre Lourde, Anne Sexton, Maya Angelou, John Ashbery, Gertrude Stein, Anais Nin, Lisa Robertson and some other found material we liked the sound of.

This was a one-off, unarchived broadcast, but more information about the work and a document of the schedule can be found here.

Ashley Holmes

Time and Time, 2020 (32 mins)

A collection of recent ideas and research material exploring the traditions of Black cultural production and musical practices as an alternate way of thinking about relationships to each other and to the state. It includes a series of recently made and collected works in progress, remixes, cover versions, field recordings and poetry extracts. Ashley Holmes is an artist from Luton, currently based in Sheffield working across installation, performance, sound and radio broadcasts. 

Fern Thomas

Milk, 2020 (23 mins)

Jill McKnight

Six ten-minute episodes commissioned especially for this broadcast. Music by Joshua Hart.

2020 (60 mins)

1. Of sun flares (Vision)
2. So the tongue spoke (Hearing)
3. Dandelion clocks fly across the air (Smell / Olfactory)
4. I loved the twist (Touch)
5. Learning not to be hard (Taste)
6. In a wooden attic room (Proprioception)

Rhiannon Lowe
i don’t know who you are, rhiannon lowe pts 1-4, 2020

Includes lyrics and tune to creator, destroyer by angel olsen, as per, intro to the bardon bellas singing ace of base’s the sign, other tiktok stuff, obvs, text from articles in the daily mail and sunday times, lucky, lucky you, a snippet stolen from a rich collins video, samples of bruce springsteen’s the river, young, gifted, black, in leather by special interest, fleetwood mac singing rhiannon live, don’t say that’s just for white boys by way of the west, scout niblett’s sweet heart fever, your a whore by ovaria, der mussolini by daf, various mekons songs sung by chivalrous amoekons, howler by songs ohia, plus leo cucciniello on his harmonica learning to play the shaun the sheep theme tune. thanks to mir, freya and sam, freelands foundation, acw, g39, liam, ric, aja, alice, k&p

Tom Cardew

Thumb Forward, 2020 (32 mins)

Nicola Singh

2020, 1 – 3mins

A collection of vocal improvisations and tender moments using the first lines of Frank O’Hara’s ‘Five Poems’ as a departure point. 

1. Well now, hold on

2. maybe I won’t go to sleep at all

3. and it’ll be a beautiful white night

4. or else I’ll collapse / completely.

Lauren Clifford-Keane

Black History in Wales: Stories of Tiger Bay, 2020 (13 mins)

Wanting to know more about the Black History of Cardiff, Lauren discovers some facts about Tiger Bay (now known as Cardiff Bay) and interviews her neighbour Lawrence and her dad George, who have memories of the area. With thanks to Lawrence Marshall and George Keane.