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19&20 JuneĀ – FEAST!


19 June 11 – 4 – DIY workshops
chopping/building/making/sewing/planning/smoking/decorating/painting/icing/baking/sharing/recipe swapping

Artists will be preparing a minature finger buffet, turning potatoes into radios, teaching us how to make armpit fudge, and renovating the FEAST applecart

20 June 6.30 – FEASTING
Join us for dinner to eat/drink/reflect/enjoy the labours of the day before

Both days are free and open to all.

ROATH FEAST has been a year long skill share project, based around the idea of the community swapping skills, ideas and recipes, then coming together at the end to have a communal meal.

We have smoked cheese, pickled fruit and vegetables, embroidered linens, made plates, iced biscuits, shared wild garlic pesto in the park, brewed beer and cider, flavoured gin, and made cheese.

We are now coming to the final meal, and we would LOVE you to join us!

Suggest skills yow would like to swap, recipies you would like to try, or RSVP for the FEAST here!