Death Writing Café

Map Ref#58 – ATTIC Gallery, Plasnewydd Rd (above Journeys), CF24 3RQ. Christina Thatcher Wed 23rd Oct, 7pm to 9pm This workshop will provide a safe space for people to discuss death and write about their experiences of fear, grief, and loss. There will also be tea and homemade cake. All are welcome to come along […]

Cider and Seduction

Map Ref#59 – Crwys Pub, 34 Crwys Road, CF24 4NN. Christina Thatcher Tue 22nd Oct, 9pm – 11pm Join us for a salacious open mic evening at the Crwys! Bring your adult-themed poetry, stories, monologues, and more. All are welcome so don’t be shy!

Voices of Roath

Map Ref#54 – The Pot Cafe, 138 Crwys Road, CF24 4NR. Christina Thatcher (Host) Sat 19th Oct, 8pm to 10pm This event will provide a space to share poetry, prose, and other writing inspired by Roath. The evening will open with a reading by a professional poet followed by a brief Q&A session. Afterwards, audience […]