Its just one more day to go before Made in Roath 2017 begins. (Altho technically we have the Open exhibition starting in a few hours in the Gate followed by the Wonderful Wonderbrass giving a special 25 birthday performance so you could say it actually starts tonight).
But with over 100 events, activities, happens, exhibitions and general things going on, all packed into the seven days of Made in Roath I hope you can excuse us for sneaking one or two events in early.


Im pretty excited about this years festival, we have some amazing events coming up. We of course have a hole host of exhibitions and happens which are far too numerous for me to name but all of them are fantastic in their own right.

I’ve been trying to work out a way to describe Made in Roath and the only thing I can think of is a Solar System. A Solar System is made up of a collection of stars. Each star burning brightly and unique to the planets which orbit her. But put them together and that star forms a cluster which in turn spirals round to create a Solar System that from a distance is this incredibly beautiful mass of colour and light while if you zoom in you discover individual stars burning brightly. Thats how I like to think of the festival, that together its this fantastic mass of creativity but zoom in and you discover individual events which stand alone in their brilliance and if they happened alone would be no less great but because they are happening within the festival they all contribute into creating this amazingly bright week of art and culture which is Made in Roath. Whats even better is it’s all free. Every event and happening for Made in Roath can be enjoyed for free.

Which is pretty darn ninja really.

There is of course a few events which I really should mention. Tonight we see the Made in Roath Open – the free to submit open exhibition which anyone can enter. Beginning in The Gate art centre at 6pm, following by Wonderbrass (Cardiff’s brasses brass band) celebrating their 25th birthday.

Then tomorrow, Sunday the 15th we have LOADS of events and exhibitions starting all over Roath but I really should mention “By My Side, Come Rain Or Shine” a special walk we’ll be holding through the streets of Roath from the Roath Rec (the sporty bit of the park) to the Inkspot art space. The CREATE team have been working away over the last few months with community groups in and around Roath to create a series of postcards and flags.
All inspired by the communities of Roath. As we walk we’ll have a series of cultural stopping off points along the way before we end at Inkspot art space for the opening night amazement’s. A musical party “Congregation”, organised by Ziggy our generally amazing music and very talented person. Congregation is the opening party to the festival and will captivate you with sounds and visual delights.

bymyside-James Cocks

Then we have the full week of everything under the sun going on. But Im going to skip forward to Friday to introduce a new exhibition space for us. The Old Laundry which you can discover on Braeval Street. The Old Laundry has a number of exhibitions and events from Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd. Including a special event on Friday night, We have a group display of artists exhibiting in the space.

Then Saturday, the busiest day of Made in Roath, we have over 121 events taking place on this day. Including “Longer Tables” our street party. Head down to Plasnewydd Road to discover where its all happening.

This weekend also sees lots of the fantastic Open Houses and exhibitions taking place. These are great and allow you to wonder around enjoying the delights of Roath in peoples homes and gardens.

Then in the evening we have Roathbud and the RedBalloon movie showings in the Gate.

We end on Sunday for another busy day. Rhôd in Roath are still going with guided tours at 2pm also our very own Paint the park is happening in Roath park with lots of actives and events taking place in and around the Bowling green hut.

Thats a very, very brief overlay of everything we have going on. For all the details do consult your festival brochures or the Made in Roath website.

As always thanks for reading and see you in Roath.