Longer Tables

You know the longest table in the world measured 2,184m (7,165 ft and 4 inches). This massive table was put together by the Ajialouna Organisation in Beirut on June 9th 2017. More than 5,000 people sat at this epic table and enjoyed a rather lovely meal (although I imagine passing the salt might have taken […]

Red Route 2018

It all began in 2014, that was the first year we walked from Merthyr to Roath in the name of culture. Back then it was called the “Red Shoes” and was born from a growing feeling of frustration with the way that modern life was eroding the time that we have to enjoy doing the […]

The Gate Open call 2017

The Gate Art centre, just off city road is one of the true cultural assets of Cardiff. As well as being a performances space for plays and theatrical productions, it also holds classes and writings groups for the community and has a very fine social bar space. 
 It also has a fantastic exhibition space. […]

Open Houses 2017

You enter first with the thought “Should I be in here, am I allowed in here? this is someones house after all so it seems wrong to just enter but at the same time Im here for the art….” 

You processed further, along the corridor half expecting to be kicked out at anytime. Still unsure […]

Miles to walk and time to think

I walk a lot of miles in October. I mean Roath isn’t actually that big a place. I mean yes there is a lot of streets and a somewhat large park in the middle of the place but compared to other places its quite small (saying that tho compared to something else most things are […]

Old Twitter  

I was looking through the web the other day playing the “what happens if I google this” game. After discovering Liechtenstein didn’t give women the right to vote till 1984 (Shocking, I know). I decided to google Made in Roath which I periodically do just to make sure no reality TV company is making a […]

Guest Post: Human Kindness within Our Community

By guest blogger Hannah Pickering. Hannah was a student at the Cardiff Metropolitan University Widening Access Summer School and was invited to take part in the Widening Access Exhibition at this year’s festival. We have invited Hannah to write a number of blog posts about her experience at the WA Summer School and the events […]

Slant of light

One quite ninja thing I saw this year during the Made in Roath festival was “Slant of Light” by Andrew Pershin and curated by Zosia Krasnowolska. It was displayed in the front room of an open house on Kelvin road. Slant of light was a large window hang print of a frozen waterfall somewhere in […]

Dino Rovaretti “Joining Words”

The last Sunday of this years Made in Roath festival thankfully dawned with a bright sun and a slightly breeze. After the somewhat stormy Saturday it was a relief to find blue skies and walking weather. As I strolled through Roath park, passing dog walkers and Sunday games of football. I halted at the White […]

Postbox tree

Day 5 of the blog advert. I feel like writing about something a little abstract today. During this years festival I passed this Red post box on the way to somewhere. I’d never noticed it before. It lies on the street just opposite Roath Park pleasure gardens, about half way down the road. It struck […]